Welcome to Southern Curl Academy

The Southern Curl Academy courses allow the learner to follow and learn curly styling techniques for better home base results. Our education focuses on texture, curl shape, and basic wash-day steps that will lead to optimal end results. Every course has a step-by-step method allowing the learner to develop improved curl life skills from a licensed curl specialist.


What you learn

Through Southern Curl Academy, you will learn...

  • How to identify your curl type

  • Curly styling/Refresh styling techniques

  • Proper product application

  • Diffuse drying techniques

  • Curl friendly accessories

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  • How long are the courses?

    The courses range from 15 to 35 minutes each.

  • Do I need to buy all the courses?

    No, you can buy the course you like or purchase the bundle deals.

  • How long do I have access to a course after purchasing it?

    The course you purchase is yours. There aren't any time limits on the course or courses you have purchased.

  • Am I able to download my course?

    No, you are not able to download your course. All courses are viewable within the Southern Curl Academy Thinkific site.